This part of our website came up all spontaneously, was not planned at all by the time the website was designed. Almost every gig brings many spontaneous reviews of our music. People stop by, speak out few encouraging words, which strengthen us and give our music reason to exist and evolve. We decided to pass forward few of these words. Of course, these reviews have been approved by their authors to become published. At last, it could be you, who finds them very useful. We made translation to your benefit.


Review of Mr. and Mrs. Olšavský, wedding 30.7.2011, Bardejov

Greetings to ESPRIT band,
wedding music, as you perform it, improves the wedding celebration up to its best. Many young people who attended the celebration said, that the music was fantastic, one long to remember. We heard compliments on music also from family and relatives across the age spectrum. Especially, I would like to appreciate that you prepared songs based on our request. You mastered them very well and you were even able to improvize when we came up with idea of song, you never played before, during the wedding. We even had musicians as guests, and we were very pleased by you allowing them playing and singing with your band. That was unique. We wish you long time together, you're really great.
Dominik and Alenka

Email from groom Dávid Skokan, wedding 09.7.2011, Poprad

Ciaou Števo and Espriters!!!
I would like to thank you for outstanding music and great entertainment - that was exactly what I wanted.
Special THANK YOU for songs Trim ho, Mariana... (these sounded just like from original band Helenine oči).
I was satisfied, the wedding was mine, thumb up...
Thank you once more, Skokans!!!

Facebook review by violinist Lukáš Copuš, wedding 09.7.2011, Poprad

I just got home from wedding, where we played with ESPRIT band. I played at many events, but never heard a band like this one. And they played real live!
Guys, hat off! Take care, I hope we'll meet again.

Groom's review right after the wedding celeb. 25.6.2011, Prešov

We changed the wedding day's date just to have Esprit band here. It paid off...

Email from bride Michaela Tóthová, wedding 21.5.2011, kaštieľ Fričovce

Hi Števo :)
I would like to thank you in the name of both of us for incredible music and atmosphere... I think there's no doubt - you're best by far :)))

Email from groom Dominik Dubec after the wedding 6.5.2011

Hi Števo,
we'd like to thank once more for heroic performance of the whole band. All the guests were pleased. Musicians by quality-made music, all the others by spectacular entertainment, you've created. Be sure, we'll recommend your services to anyone searching a band.
Dominik and Zuzana

Email from bride Marianna Duláková, wedding 28.8.2010 - review requested by us

Hi Števo,
kind regards.. People were very satisfied with your band, especially the youth, cause you entertained us very much.. You're great..

Email from the same bride - spontaneous review few days later

Hi Števo, we just watched our wedding DVD, and you were MARVELLOUS ;-)

Grandma, who listened to our music the whole night, Vyšné Ružbachy, Biely dom - 28.8.2010

"Boys, I'm 85 and I've never been to wedding like this one was. There are no musicians like you more..." (in the meaning: "You're one in a million"). She was sitting the whole wedding and listening to our music.

Email from just married couple Mokráň after the wedding - 24.4.2010

Hi "Espriters"!
We'd like to thank you very much once again for great entertainment, you created at our wedding. Our compliments for what you demonstrated, we loved the way you played and songs you played. Our guests gave us only positive feedback on your music. We hope you also felt positive feedback from the dance floor, and you enjoyed playing at our wedding celebration. We wish you all the best in pleasing the people with your music.
Tomáš and Katka Mokráň :-)

Spontaneous bride's reaction. Wedding in Hotel Sobota, Poprad - 1.8.2009

"There were moments, when I felt like being on a concert. You were great!"

Email from bride after wedding in "Dom Umenia", Košicie 20.7.2009

Mr. Pilc and Mr. Horňák,
I'd like to thank you once more for our wedding. The feeling you created can't be measured in money. Everyone spoke compliments on band selection and we are happy, we decided to go for you. If you wish us to send reviews of your band to someone, feel free to ask us. It was sensational, thank you once more.
Ing. Katarína Vansová

Email from fan

Esprit band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just read, rather heard your compliments.... Bravo.... the best :)
maja b.