What we offer...


...in particular, exceptional quality. Our aim is to provide customer with professional, though human approach since the very first contact, followed by professional attitude and close relationship with customer's guests until the celebration comes to its end.

We do play songs by request and REAL LIVE. Each customer comes with his special wish, special request, special song to play. We are pleased to scatter the joy. Even if special song request is pronounced during the event, we're able to play it without special rehearsal, without chasing the chords - and sometimes even without correct lyrics :) JUST LIKE THE REAL BAND DOES!

We're pleased to offer you our services for:

- weddings
- balls
- proms
- company events
- concerts (by our music or by offering our sound reinforcement services)

- audio recordings - starting with simple single-singer projects through band recording, completed by orchestral recording.

Our former projects: Accordion orchester TOCCATTA, man-singer folk bandHNOJŇAŇE feat. folk band ŽELEZIAR, recordings the teacher and students of ZUŠ Sobrance, recording of ESPRIT band, many small recording projects (singers with pre-recorded music). In case of customer request for delivering a background music, we are able to create it in exceptional quality.